Pre-Arrival Tips to Cambodia

Pre-Arrival to Cambodia TipsTo enter in Cambodia you will need a valid passport with at least six remaining months available on the date of entry into the country. The visa is obtained at the border, if your tour includes entry into Cambodia by land, or at the airport if you will arrive by plane. You will have to fill out an arrival form available at border posts, the visa fee is $ 20 and you also need a passport photo, Cambodian visas can be obtained on arrival at the following border crossings:

The online visa also can provide through and paying 25 USD by credit card, a 30-day tourist visa can be issued electronically within three business days. 

It is important to be aware that Cambodian visa regulations and arrangements are subject to change. You must ensure you have organized or researched your own visa requirements prior to travel. We strongly suggest that you check with the relevant embassies in your home country for current visa guidelines.

Safety & Security

Cambodia has moved on from its turbulent civil war era and is now a peaceful and relatively safe destination. The usual safety precautions apply, such as avoiding deserted, dark streets at night, especially in Phnom Penh. We advise that you catch a cab rather than a cyclo or Re-Mork Moto (tuk tuk) at night, and ensure you have a hotel business card to show your driver.

During your stay, it is recommended that you keep photocopies of your credit card details; passport and airline tickets in a secure place separate from the originals. Valuables should be left in a hotel safety deposit box if available.

It is advisable to wear minimal jewelry, particularly in Phnom Penh where petty street crime can occur, and to keep cash secured close to your body. Read our safety guidelines for further information.

Time Difference:

+ 7hours in winter (with GMT)
+ 6 hours in summertime (with GMT)

Currency & Exchange

The currency in Cambodia is the riel, one U.S. dollar is worth about 4,000 riel and for one euro you get about 5,000 Riel. There are no coins but only banknotes. Everywhere, even to the market, you can pay in dollars, get so small bills. The notes above $ 20, or wrinkled, or written above, are not accepted (in other words, it is not necessary that the dollar notes are new, but must not be worn, with inscriptions, cut or torn). The traveller’s checks are accepted in banks of the main cities and major hotel; withdrawals cash made by credit card at the various ATM machines are subject to a fee of 2% plus the cost of bank charges of your bank institute.

Phone Call

To call from Cambodia to your country you have to dial your country international code first followed by the area code and the user number, while the international code to call to Cambodia is +855 followed by the area code or code of the mobile operator. The main area codes are: (0) 23 Phnom Penh, (0) 63 Siem Reap, (0) 53 Battambang, (0) 52 Pursat, (0) 62 Kampong Thom and (0) 42 Kampong Cham; where "0 "is omitted for international calls from abroad to Cambodia. To call, you can use a prepaid card purchased in a hotel or post office of major cities. To call abroad from Cambodia you can dial even from the hotels, but the cost is very high, where the cheapest way is go to some internet café, numerous and efficient. As for the mobile you can safely use your mobile phone in Cambodia, before leaving from your country ask to your mobile network operator about the costs of international roaming service.

Dos & Don’ts

As in any part of the world should pay attention to how you dress and move. Favourite clothing that covers shoulders, arms, chest and legs, skimpy or revealing clothes at best elicit laughter, but in some places may not allow you to enter (pagodas and palaces). You should not exchange effusions in front of others, even between husband and wife, is considered outrageous in public places to take a woman by the hand. You are greeted with a slight bow, clasping her hands above her head, in front of the face or under the chin according to familiarity with the other party. In Cambodia the people express themselves with kindness, not screaming and you should never yields to anger. In the pagodas and the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh you enter without shoes (you can keep the socks), you sit cross-legged (men) or collected from the side (women). At the Royal Palace is forbidden to take pictures inside the buildings, otherwise the seizure of the camera. In urban centre and in the more touristy areas, it is easy to meet mutilated people begging, recommends tourists do not respond to this type of requests that take away dignity from individual. There is in fact a rehabilitation and integration program of people incapacitated by the war. For those wishing to carry notebooks, pencils, pens remember that literacy in Cambodia is 80% and that this material is highly requested. Can be left to the teachers of the schools that meet during the journey, is certainly the safest way to give aid to those who really need (basic medicines are also welcome). The children are very polite and sweet, they like candy or receive pencils to use at school and always thanks with a kind bow. Close to archaeological sites there are many children that sell nice and cheap products.